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    Our commitment

    In an era of planned obsolescence, everything quickly becomes out-of-date. This constant quest for new products has led us to create everlasting, rare and timeless pieces.

    Quality is at the core of our work. We use noble materials and have strict requirements in terms of production process.

    Red embroidery

    All Sauvages products can be quickly identified by the red embroidery on the side.

    Each piece is named as a tribute to icons of this movement and personalities
    with unique styles (Sid Vicious, Joe Strummer, Debbie Harry..)

    Signature lining

    All Sauvages pieces have a red (caps) or black (felt hats) lining.

    The skull and the butterfly illustrations are firstly drawn by hand by the designer and then printed on satin fabric.

    Hand crafted packaging

    Each piece comes with its own handcrafted wood crate. The raw boxes are made in France.

    Then we use stencils to create our logo, skull, and butterfly illustrations. All crates are unique, painted by hand, one after another.

    Jewelry - Hand Made in Paris

    Our jewelry is crafted in Paris from brass and upon request, in gold or 925 silver.

    We combine technology through 3D modeling of the jewelry and meticulous craftsmanship in creating mock-ups and hand-finishing.

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