Our story


As a bold and casual piece of accessory, the hat has become a second skin and an essential component of one’s wardrobe to harmonize and balance the silhouette. At SAUVAGES we emphasize style and we bypass trends, to favor the look and attitude. 

Drawing on inspiration from the aesthetics and music of the late 70s’punk movement, SAUVAGES suggests a raw and sophisticated atmosphere, an underground yet luxurious look to infuse energy strength and determination in to modern silhouettes, with a grunge and rock’n roll twist.

The collections are «no gender and no season». We want to create a library of products, always edgy, fashionable and available. Therefore we would like to break with the classical fashion calendar by offering a large range of timeless pieces.

All the SAUVAGES products can be quickly identified thanks to the red embroidery on the side. All linings are illustrated with a skull or a butterfly, both hand-drawned by the designer before getting printed on satin.

SAUVAGES is an invitation to enter a hybrid world in which hats become the first chapter of our story.

Prior to working full-time on the creation of her SAUVAGES brand, Clémentine as a ready-to-wear designer for luxury companies. True Parisian, she decided to leave the capital when the Covid crisis hit. She’s currently living in Lisbon, Portugal.


In an era of planned obsolescence, everything quickly becomes out-of-date. This constant quest for new products has led us to create everlasting, rare and timeless pieces.

Quality is at the core of our work. We use noble materials and have strict requirements in terms of production process.

Local sourcing and respect of the environment are our priorities. All our pieces are 100% made in France in partnership with ‘EPV’-labelled companies (“Living Heritage Companies”). More than anything, SAUVAGES is a partnership with experts without whom our ideas would not come to life.

Animal welfare is also a crucial concern; that is why our leathers and felts come exclusively from suppliers who have high standards of production, with transparent and traceable materials, which come from the waste of the food industry. 

Our leathers go through an ecological tanning process and are guaranteed chemical-free. Our felts have the Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certificate*

* This certification is issued to companies that integrate at all levels (design & production) social and ecological requirements (anti-chemicals, reuse of materials, renewable energy, water use) and social fairness).


All Sauvages pieces have a red (caps) or black (felt hats) lining.

The skull and the butterfly illustrations are firstly drawn by hand by the designer and then printed on satin fabric.


Each piece comes with its own handcrafted wood crate.

The raw boxes are made in France.

Then we use stencils to create our logo, skull, and butterfly illustrations.

All crates are unique, painted by hand, one after another.